The Story

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Her Story

“If I hold back, I'm no good. I'm no good. I'd rather be good sometimes, than holding back all the time.” - Janis Joplin

Janis Lyn Joplin was born in Port Arthur, Texas, on January 19, 1943. She was ostracized and bullied in high school. She became overweight and suffered from acne, leaving her with deep scars that never went away. Other kids at high school would routinely taunt her and call her names like pig, creep, and even freak. She befriended the outcasts. She supported them. She believed everyone deserved their best chance to shine. Janis recorded four albums in her all too short four year career. But the legacy she left behind was enormous. This effort continues that legacy.

Our Story

Janis was a musical genius. She was also deeply committed to helping those in need. Debt is one of the great barriers to the advancement of all people and medical debt is one of the most insurmountable forms of it. It also disproportionally hurts women and minorities. For each dollar spent here, we will relieve an equal amount of medical debt - starting in Janis’s home state of Texas. But certainly not ending there. Will you join us? 

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